A scalable, organic, kinetic and dynamic lighting sculpture


Sculpture layout shape and size: any kind, all shapes are possible, e.g. one single string of 16 modules, a square of 8x8 modules, rectangular shape of 8x128 modules or any odd sized shape.

Min number of Dynamic Light Modules: 1
Max number of Dynamic Light Modules: unlimited

Dynamic Light Module

Different module variants available:

Moving & Non-moving / True Color Lit & Non-lit

Max travel distance: 9m
Light output: ~3W
Color control: 32-bits color depth, effectively any possible color
Object shape and size: free to choose
Max object weight: 500g
Module footprint: 150x150mm
Module control: through Central Control Unit
Max power consumption: 10W
Max travel distance: 9m

Central Control Unit

Only one CCU required for each stand-alone sculpture.

Interface: Web-based, Ethernet, OSC, DMX, Art-Net, stand-alone, custom
Power: 85~264Vac @ 47..63Hz
Rated power: depends on the number of DLM’s connected

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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